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Abdullah An Numan, popularly known as Numan, was born in February 1999 to Solaiman Mia and his birthplace is in Faridpur, Bangladesh. Numan spent his early childhood in his hometown and began his education at the Faridpur Khabashpur Madrasha. He showed an early interest in religious studies and completed Quran Hefz from Modinatul Ulum Madrasa, Nagarkanda, and Faridpur.

Quick Info

NameAbdullah An Numan
BirthdateFebruary 1999
FatherSolaiman Mia
EducationFaridpur Khabashpur Madrasha (early education)
Modinatul Ulum Madrasa, Nagarkanda (Quran Hefz)
Mahmudiya Islamic Academy (Masters in Hadith)
CareerStarted outsourcing at age 14
Expert in Adsense and online sectors
Successful digital entrepreneur


After completing his Quran Hefz, Numan pursued further Islamic education and completed his masters in Hadith from Mahmudiya Islamic Academy. Along with his religious studies, Numan also showed an interest in the digital world and began learning about various online sectors.


At the age of 14, Numan started his career as an outsourcing expert. He quickly gained expertise in Adsense and various other online sectors. Numan’s hard work and dedication to his work brought him success in his field, and he gained recognition as a digital entrepreneur.

Today, Numan is a renowned digital entrepreneur and has been successful in various online ventures. His passion for digital entrepreneurship has made him a sought-after expert in the field. Despite his success, Numan remains grounded and continues to learn and grow in his field.

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Websitelearnwithnuman.com & Annuman.com

In summary, Numan’s journey from his early education at Faridpur Khabashpur Madrasha to his success as a digital entrepreneur has been an inspiring one. His passion and dedication to his work have made him a respected figure in the digital world.

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