EBL MasterCard photo
EBL MasterCard photo

How to get Eastern Bank prepaid Master Card

Everyone needs a MasterCard, But in Bangladesh, it’s a big deal to get a Mastercard. But some Bangladeshi banks now gives you a master card easily. Eastern Bank limited gives you a prepaid master card in just 575 BDT. You can promote your Facebook business and Google Ads campaign trough this card. Not only that, but You can also buy any kind of valid product from abroad with this master card. You can also get a visa card from Eastern Bank.


How to get a Mastercard from Eastern Bank(EBL)

You need to go to your nearest Eastern Bank branch, & ask a banker who is here card division manager. Then tell him: you need a prepaid MasterCard, Before go to the bank you need some document.


What type of document do you need for an EBL Mastercard?

  1. You need a valid passport, without a passport, you can’t take a dual currency master card, It’s mean if you go with just your national ID card for taking a MasterCard then you get a MasterCard/visa card but you can’t pay to abroad with this card or you can’t buy services from Facebook and Google. So need an international valid passport for Mastercard.
  2. You need two copies of passport size photos.
  3. You need electricity bill paper for verification of your address. So don’t forget to make an electricity bill paper when go for Eastern bank prepaid card.


Question: Can I get a Mastercard or Visa Card without a passport from other banks in Bangladesh?
Answer:  You can get a master card but you can’t pay internationally with this card. If you don’t have any passport but you need an international MasterCard then you can use Payoneer’s MasterCard. Payoneer gives you a valid international MasterCard with a valid American virtual bank. So you can take it If you don’t have a passport.

Question: How to activate the Eastern bank MasterCard/Visa card?
Answer: After applying for a card your card will be activated within 48 hours.

Question: When I can pay abroad or when can I start transactions with EBL Card?
Answer: After activating your card you need the endorsement USD, & this is an impotent step, If you don’t complete endorsement then you can not pay one abroad.

If you have any kind of question about Eastern Bank MasterCard or Visa Card then you can make a comment below or You can email me at [email protected], or you can go to EBL official website for more info, If you want to know more about banking then click here for more banking and card information, Thank You.


  1. Please publish a post about Bank Asia Shadin MasterCard. I want to gate a Bank Asia MasterCard.

    • Okay! I will publish a suggestion post on How to get a Bank Asia Shadhin MasterCard. But I highly recommend you Eastern Bank MasterCard.

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